We are a “Widespread Museum”, meaning we are open and that every element of our city, including people with their stories, are the great treasure that we want to offer to those who come to visit us. The best way to get to know us is to use all the senses: the taste of our foods, the colours of our lands, the sounds of our voices, the works of our hands, the scents of our fruits. A uniqueness that you will never forget.


This is a community that has chosen to write the pages of its own future and well-being through a participated project. A dream, a vision and a goal we want to achieve together. Beauty is our weapon, competence is the tool.
Young people are the lifeblood, the elderlies are the memory, unity of purpose is the fuel. Young people are the lifeblood, the elderlies are the memory, unity of purpose is the fuel.
Being spokesmen of the identity and beauty of our territory is a privilege and the greatest opportunity we have to wager on our future. Everything we are, our looks, our secret rhythms, our arts, our history, our identity we want to offer to you who will come to visit us.


Our goal is to create awareness of the immense historical heritage of art, craftsmanship, landscape, and food and wine of our territoryIt isour duty to rediscover, protect and enhance it.

Our narration and actions make it available to others by creating an economic model where ethics and results are no longer in opposition. It’s the Economy of Beauty.


Artisans, traders, accommodation facilities, restaurants, cultural associations, trade associations and many pieces of a mosaic of unique pieces are part of the Diffused Museum.


Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars on which the whole project is based because we want to leave our land to our children better than we found it.

In our sea, there is one of the largest grasslands of Posidonia Oceanica in the Mediterranean and our beaches have been chosen by mother loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) as an ideal place to give birth to its little ones.

A sensitive habitat that must be protected. For this reason, in the Widespread Museum actions aimed at protecting the environment have already been taken, and others will soon be added, especially by reducing the consumption of single-use plastic.

For example: in all our accommodation facilities, disposable soaps are gradually being eliminated from the bathrooms in favour of Sciacca ceramic dispensers that reduce the use of the plastic bottle and promote our craftsmanship.

They are made by our master potters, and you can buy them and take them home as a souvenir or choose the style you like the most and go to our shops to make your own Liquid soap and shower products are of natural and local origin: oil, citrus fruits, spices. This philosophy of life extends to our shops, our bars and restaurants, our infopoints.

We are at the beginning of a great journey, and we feel part of a real change. We are waiting for you in Sciacca!

Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi

Cosa vuoi fare?

What do you want to do?


Porta San Salvatore is one of the main ancient gates of the city, a vestige of a past time, of wars, sieges, dominations.
They tell us about the Norman period, around the year 1000, when Count Roger conquered Sicily dominated by the Arabs. They tell us about the Spanish period with Frederick III of Aragon who in 1300 ordered the great city walls including the villages. They are part of the fortifications commissioned in 1500 by Viceroy De Vega.
One of these bastions of war, the one right next to Porta San Salvatore, is today the seat of the Widespread Museum of the 5 Senses. This is where we defended ourselves with weapons by pushing back the enemies, today we greet everyone with a smile and give everyone a warm welcome saying:” bless you” Assabenedica!

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