A path between “points of view”, striking and spectacular places, to take photos that will allow you to narrate Sciacca to your community.

The selfie trail is much more than just a photographable path It is first and foremost a fun tool offered to travellers and residents to (re)discover the beauty of our places, through a game, frivolously, getting lost in the streets of an open-air museum whose treasures to tell and enhance are the unique identities of the territory.

“Temporary citizens” during their travel experience in Sciacca will not only take a photo in beautiful places suggested by us, but thanks to the information inserted in the map they will live the emotion of knowing the history, curiosities and legends of the places they will be photographing. Taking away with them, so much more than a picture.


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Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi

Cosa vuoi fare?

What do you want to do?


Porta San Salvatore is one of the main ancient gates of the city, a vestige of a past time, of wars, sieges, dominations.
They tell us about the Norman period, around the year 1000, when Count Roger conquered Sicily dominated by the Arabs. They tell us about the Spanish period with Frederick III of Aragon who in 1300 ordered the great city walls including the villages. They are part of the fortifications commissioned in 1500 by Viceroy De Vega.
One of these bastions of war, the one right next to Porta San Salvatore, is today the seat of the Widespread Museum of the 5 Senses. This is where we defended ourselves with weapons by pushing back the enemies, today we greet everyone with a smile and give everyone a warm welcome saying:” bless you” Assabenedica!

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